Caviar Stoneware Bakware

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With textured black glazing and stylish handles, Caviar bakeware transitions effortlessly from no-fuss cooking to perfect presentation, every time. Perfect for avid bakers, get your oven going with delicious ingredients in the Caviar Oval Baker from Maxwell & Williams.

  • Textured black glazing and stylish handles
  • Two handles, one on either of the shorter sides, makes gripping and transporting the dish to and from the oven easier for your safety
  • Transition effortlessly from no-fuss cooking to perfect presentation every time
  • Made from quality stoneware for long term durability with consistent use
  • Serve up in style, with each piece designed for easy oven-to-table dining
  • Size and shape is perfect for both baking and serving a delicious lasagne, pasta bake, potato bake, or similar dish for versatility in the kitchen
  • The Caviar collection is a modern alternative to traditional white settings, hence its solid shade of black
  • Matching dinnerware available to enhance your minimalist, monochromatic look
  • Microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe for added convenience
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