Claico Decanter with Glass Stopper

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Constructed from recycled glass. Perfect for pouring oil or vinegar. This classically designed decanter is stylish enough to venture from the kitchen to the table. Features a stylish inherent turquoise tint. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in Spain. Made of 100% Spanish recycled glass in a factory that complies with Kyoto protocol.

A fusion of sustainability and style, EcoGlass products are crafted in Spain from 100% recycled glass.

EcoGlass offers unique jugs, beverage dispensers, dishes, oil cruets, serving platters, bottles, jars, glasses and more. The beautiful, subtle turquoise tinge inherent in much of the EcoGlass range is a result of the varied post-consumer sources of glass that have contributed to the renewed product, unlike other brands that use artificial dyes in an attempt to create this attractive effect. Also available from EcoGlass are chic recycled glass platters and servingware featuring terracotta components.

Additionally, to decorate the home, the EcoGlass range includes some exquisite vases, candleholders and art glass bottles.

The origins of EcoGlass pieces give them an appealing point of difference to other glass products on the market, satisfying a niche consumer demand for environmentally responsible products.

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