Erstwilder Peanuts Earrings

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Good grief, this Erstwilder x Peanuts' special collaboration is here to introduce you to some new friends with familiar faces!

Woodstock: With the brightest yellow bubble resin, and added hand-painted details combine to bring little Woodstock to life and into your collection! His sage advice and kind heart have never led us astray!

Story: Flitter flitter sput sput flutter flutter sput sput sput. BOING!!

Info:Height 24 mm x Width 22 mm.  Original artwork by Charles M. Schulz

Joe Cool: Joe Cool ear baubles feature bright bubble resin as well as hand-painted details bringing to life your favourite Peanuts character, so what's cooler then being cool? Joe Cool.

Story: Never sign up for a class whose title is longer than than the actual course

Info: Height 42 mm x Width 31 mm. Original artwork by Charles M. Schulz

Each piece is hand assembled, hand painted and released in limited quantities. All designs are made from layered resin. As designs are produced from original illustrations and are hand assembled, hand painted and hand finished, there may be minor differences from piece to piece, making each as unique as those who wear them. Metal components used in creating this piece include a beautiful and strong silver-plated steel brooch pin. Any earring posts, earring hooks, necklace chains and jump rings used for this piece are made from silver-plated steel.

Designs come packaged in Erstwilder x Peanuts gift boxes.

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