Fair Go Finger Puppet

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A delightful range of hand knitted finger puppets from Nepal.  An array of animals and birds in these hand-knitted wonders.

This is part of our Fair Trade collection of homewares, lifestyle and children's products from the artisans of the world - including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Peru and Indonesia. Handmade and Fair Trade.

Cat: This black and white tabby has stripes to the end of its tail and is complete with whiskers and a little red nose

Snake: A Snek! a danger noodle! Don't let the hurt juice get you! Ssssensssational! A finger boa!

Caterpillar: This beautiful green caterpillar fits all wriggly fingers

Dog with Brown Spots: Perhaps it’s a Beagle, it has the big floppy ears for it. This pup is white with brown spots and blue eyes!!

Koala: Cutie Koala is a funny and fuzzy-eared friend.

Kangaroo with Joey: Cuddly kangaroo comes with a tiny joey peeking out of its pouch

Owl: Woo Hoo! This very cute little owl has a big smile

Mouse: What do mice really like to eat? This one's holding a little white ball of something. ..? Feta?

Sheep: Baa baa black & white sheep? If the little boys who live down the lane asks you what type of sheep it is, tell them its a Clun Forest sheep from England...that'll stump 'em

Seal: How do you spell the noise a seal makes? Although this one is too cute to bark and will never bite

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo: The distinctive raucous call of the curious and intelligent sulphur crested cockatoo can be very loud. Give it a go! Well, the detail in this finger puppet is so good it might just call back

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