Goliath Acacia Wood & Ceramic Grinding Mills

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Adhoc Goliath Mill Medium 30cm and Small 10.5cm Acacia Wood, Ceramic and Stainless Steel Double Mill
A statement demands to take a stance; to fully commit oneself to a certain issue. As a leading developer of pepper- and salt mills, AdHoc has now crowned it's product range with a statement: GOLIATH. It's the ultimate embodiment of AdHoc's unique design-approach: Just by sheer size, the timelessly elegant design in acacian wood and stainless steel is elevated to a new dimension. Every host loving the exceptional – and the exceptional beauty! – should indulge oneself in this representative, immense mill. Topic of conversation included!

Ceramic Grinder
Stainless Steel / Acacia Wood
D: 6cm
H: 30cm
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