Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Sets Oil 6 Pieces

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6 piece Gallery Series oil brush set comes with a range of brush styles for your creative sessions.


  • 6 brushes included (1 x Taklon Flat 6, 1 x Taklon Round 6, 1 x Hog Bristle Flat 4, 1 x Hog Bristle Flat 8, 1 x Hog Bristle Round 2 and 1 x Hog Bristle Round 12)
  • taklon and hog hair
  • silver ferrules


  • Do not allow paint to dry in the brush.
  • Rinse brush in turpentine after painting. Squeeze as much colour out as possible on paper towel or a rag and clean thoroughly with brush cleaner or soapy water until all traces of colour are gone. Reshape brush with fingers.
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