Omppu Single Oven Glove Apples

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How about an oven glove that is resistant to heat and pleasant to the eye?

The top material of the Omppu Apple oven glove is 100% rib weave cotton, which is firm and thickish. The wadded filling is flexible and heat-resistant. It contains 64% cotton, as well as viscose and other fibres. The handy Easy Care treatment makes the fabric easier to iron after washing.

Designed by Aini Vaari, the well-loved, timeless Omppu is a lasting classic that stands the test of time.

Hang the Coronna oven glove on display by its loop. Update your kitchen’s look and create a balanced feel with Coronna potholders and other kitchen and table textiles from the same series.

With this oven glove, you can safely handle hot kitchenware. Finlayson’s oven gloves have a CE marking, which means that they have been tested for adequate protection against contact heat.

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