Organik Botanik Hand Cream 100ml

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At a time when we are continually washing and sanitizing our hands this nourishing range of Organik Botanik 100ml hand creams is a must. In 3 unique blends of Rose Water and Shea, Manuka Honey and Shea and Coconut & Shea they are a must have at this time.

These Shea butter based hand creams will help maintain the skin's pH balance helping to lock in the body's moisture.  As we are continually stripping our hands and eroding our natural skin barrier with soaps and alcohol based sanitizer these rich hand creams will help repair and moisturise hands, leaving them hydrated and smooth.

Apply a small amount of cream on your hand, Rub hands together then rub the back of your hands thoroughly until all the cream has been absorbed.  Repeat as necessary for soft and smooth hands.

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