Peggy Garden Tools Set w Basket 14x28cm

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High quality gardening essentials to complete many gardening tasks such as digging, weeding, and planting. With a hand held trowel, fork, twine all of your hobby gardening needs can be met in one basket.  Great as a gift for the garden enthusiast, as a mothers day gift, fathers day gift or to treat yourself

 Welded together at the joints to ensure lifetime stability and product quality. Don't be afraid to 'dig' in to all your tough gardening tasks, these tools can handle it!

COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The clean finished, ergonomically designed wood handle provides comfort while you get down and dirty with all your gardening tasks.

 RUST RESISTANT: Thick stainless steel heads with a copper finish helps ensure these tools are effective, for longer. The strategic material choice ensures these tools are rust-resistant

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