Pro-Spec Flex-Fill Gap Filler White 475g

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Selleys Pro-Spec Flexi-Fill is a durable, flexible acrylic gap filler for interior and exterior applications where joint movement causes rigid fillers to crack or fall out.


  • Excellent adhesion to brick, concrete, timber, fibre cement sheeting, wallboards, laminated plastics, ceramics, aluminium and painted surfaces¬†
  • Water-based - It is easy to use, and cleans up with water before it has dried
  • Flexible - Capable of joint movement of +/- 10% of joint width. Ideal for use where slight joint movement occurs and where conventional fillers will crack and fall out.
  • Paintable - Can be overpainted with oil or water-based paints after the surface has firmly skinned (approximately two hours after application).
  • Sag resistant
  • Non-staining - Will NOT stain building materials
  • Good resistance to weathering
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