Quick Fix Supa Glue Gel 3g

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Selleys Quick Fix Non Drip Gel Supa Glue has a thick gel consistency which means repairs can be done with less mess but just as quick. There is also no immediate finger bonding and it is perfect for vertical repairs as it's non drip.


  • Bonds a variety of surfaces
  • Fast setting (20 - 60 seconds)
  • Dries clear for clean, neat results
  • Water resistant
  • No clamping necessary
  • Maximum strength achieved in 12 hours
  • Self piercing, clog free cap
  • No immediate finger bonding*
  • *Adhesive will stick skin, but this is delayed – 20 to 30 seconds, depending on skin type and amount of adhesive.
  • Forms a rigid bond
  • Non-drip gel consistency is ideal for vertical jobs
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