Sahara Dinner Plate Palm 27cm

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Enjoy a relaxing family dinner in style with these lovely Ecology Sahara Palm Dinner Plates! Fall in love with the earthy hues of Africa's plains with the Ecology Sahara Palm Dinner Plate.

These gorgeous dinner plates are carefully constructed from stoneware and beautifully finished with a matte glaze to further reflect the earth, adding a boost of style with a rustic touch to your home. Diving into forestry and grassy greens, this colourway represents a slightly unique aspect of the tactile environment. This versatile range makes a seamless addition to the explorative tabletop. 

Made from highly durable stoneware these dinner plates are beautifully finished with a matte glaze


  • Made from stoneware
  • Measures 27cm
  • Matte glaze finish
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
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