Town Talk Cleaning Range

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For the care and protection of treasured possessions!

Since 1895, Mr Town Talk's remarkable collection of cleaning potions have been made from the finest quality ingredients. If only you could sniff them now - you'd relish aromas like Basil & Lime, Tomato & Pomegranate, Bitter Orange, Classic Tea and Bergamot across this gorgeously illustrated range.

Bitter Orange Floor Cleaner

Banish dirt with Town Talks wonderful floor cleaner and leave your rooms and hallways alive with a zesty hint of bitter orange. Use on marble, stone, wood, ceramic and terra cotta surfaces for a splendid non-slip finish. 1 Litre

Lavender Furniture Wax

Fill your home with a lavender scent. Used regularly, Mr. Town Talk’s unique blend of natural oils and waxes will not only restore and protect the natural beauty of your wooden floors and furniture, but will lift your spirits with the fragrant scent of freshly-picked lavender. 150gr

Silver Polish Mitt

Glittering possessions, clean hands! These fully lined, 100% cotton fiber mitts bring a beautiful glow to gold items, without soiling your hands. One pair per pack.

Silver Polish Spray

This Silver Polish Spray will restore the shine to your silver and give it long-lasting protection against tarnish. It’s a particularly easy way to clean smaller items of silver, such as jewellery, and there’s a brush included to tease out any dirt trapped in intricate places. 250ml

Silver Foam

Ideal for cleaning heavily tarnished silverware including ornate and decorative silver, cutlery, trays and candlesticks. It comes complete with a sponge for ease of application, and contains anti-tarnish protection to keep your silver shining bright for longer. 200gr

Silversmiths Gloves

Protect and preserve any precious items you want to keep fingerprint-free with these Silversmith’s Gloves. Ideal when handling silver, jewellery, antiques and collectables. Machine Washable.

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