Victorinox 8cm Paring Knife Nylon

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The Victorinox Pointing Paring Knife Red 8cm is a very popular little paring knife amongst chef's and home cooks alike for their cheap price and superb cutting ability. 



  • Paring knife is perfect for peeling vegetables and intricate tasks.
  • Superb finish on edges, no need to sharpen upon purchasing
  • Good quality control
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Colour: Red & Black

About Victorinox

In an age of disposability, where products are manufactured to last only a few years, a company like Victorinox shines a beacon in the marketplace. Formed in 1884 to provide their famed Swiss Army Knife to the military, Victorinox has been producing the finest cutlery in Europe for 130 years. Today, they are the largest knife manufacturer in all of Europe. 

All those years of experience have yielded knives of uncompromising quality and workmanship. Every feature of the blade is manufactured for performance, durability, and sanitation. Victorinox uses a unique drop forged system that transforms high-quality steel into the perfect blades. The full tang design of the knife goes all the way through the handle, leading to increased strength and longevity, as well as creating a more hygienic knife. In fact, Victorinox knives are one of the few manufacturers who have earned the National Sanitation Foundation’s mark, signalling a level of quality and cleanliness suitable for use in commercial settings. 

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