Vintage Bonnets & Belles

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Hats off to this totally fabulous shea butter & vitamin E enriched hand cream and lip butter range. Inspired by sophisticated garden parties and glamorous fashion with a directness and a freshness that is timeless. If Holly Gohlightly endorsed a product range - then this would be it. Heady, glamorous and confident - dare I say it the Queen of elegance.
Daaarling, a timeless 50's fragrance with a big personality, an intoxicating show-stopper. Rich and creamy white Tuberose wrapped in fresh green leaves settling on the warmth of a sumptuous Amber, refined Vetiver and seductive woods.
Too much? Never Possums, there can never be too much of this delightful baby.

Hand Creams:

Shea butter and vitamin E enriched Hand creams

With an intoxicating fragrance of creamy white tuberose wrapped in fresh green leaves, sumptuous amber, refined vetiver and seductive woods. Retro Poodles and stylish 50's ladies bring spring time glamour to your hands

Contains hand creams 3 x 30ml or individually in a 150ml tube

Paraben & sulphate free. Vegan friendly

Lip Butter:

Lip-loving, moisturising lip-butter-in-a-pot enriched with softening beeswax. Flavoured with lip-smacking mango and housed in a 50s inspired miniature Bonnets & Belles handbag.
Free from parabens and sulfates.
Vegan friendly.
Contains: 20g




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